IDEA! Have a Lotus example app repo


Sometimes people want docs, sometimes they just want to see how to write best practice code.

How about an example app in Github that matches the documentation. i.e. The Bookshelf


Sounds like a great Idea.

It should cover some of the FAQ from gitter chat:

  • API (JSON) best practices
  • Auth
  • Testing
  • ?

Perhaps something which is more real-live than bookshelf?


I hacked out an example for a JSON API. Needs a lot more for it to be an education resource, though:

Feel free to give me feedback as github issues if this looks like being a basis for something useful.


I reckon something that matches the documentation is best. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a bookstore. It’s pretty arbitrary anyway.


I wouldn’t suggest my repo as a replacement for a full-blown lotus example. However there were two or three people in the giitter room (myself included) who wanted to see a worked example for a JSON API. I’d be happy to put in some work on that (wether starting with the repo I offered or not).


Ok, I’d like to suggest an argument against the idea of having an official example app.

In a framework that’s supposed to encourage flexibility and choosing your own approach, doing this would be tantamount to prescribing the way an application should b built, rather than just being a suggestion. Other developers would likely follow it verbatim.

I would probably be better to have unofficial example apps, and then maybe a wiki page on Github or in the guide listing some examples. Ideally a selection of examples taking different approaches.