Hanami 2.0 Example applications

I see that more and more people periodically ask for the example applications made in Hanami 2.0, so I decided to open this topic where we can share open source repositories for everyone to benefit and get inspired from.

Maybe we could create such aggregated page somewhere?

Have you done something great you’d like to share? Respond in this thread with a link to your repo!

Here are some of the picks I am aware of:

  1. Hanami-2-application template - it’s only a scaffold, hello-world application, to be filled with your imagination.
  2. Hanami Mastery Episodes source code repo - each episode has it’s own folder, I especially recommend HMEP#009 for full - ROM integration. More to come.
  3. Official Bookshelf app, the hanami2 upgrade branch
  4. WebPipe Integration for Hanami 2 - the todoist application created by @waiting-for-dev created to showcase webpipe integration.
    He talked about it at the rubyconf last month, the talk will be officially available soon.
  5. GreenBoard - a little dashboard created by Yushuv for offers and requests.

If people are interested in seeing what the differences are between Hanami 1 and Hanami 2, then I’d recommend looking at the (currently work-in-progress) PR that diffs between the two appropriate branches: [WIP] Upgrade to Hanami 2 by cllns · Pull Request #15 · hanami/bookshelf · GitHub

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Oh man, you can’t imagine how interested I am! :slight_smile: thanks!

To be honest this is not really helpful.

If trying to sell me on why Hanami is a alternative (or better) option than Rails, as a potential user, show me an application. Maybe show me the same app side by side with rails.

Also, should not assume that someone coming to look at Hanami is a previous user of Hanami version x. I have never used used Hanami, so simply saying this is how H2 is different than H1 doesn’t help.

Documentation should cater to both audiences…previous Hanami users and (potential) new users.

I haven’t used either Rails or Hanami, as I’m new to Ruby. From doing my research I know some of the pain points with Rails apps, especially as they start to get larger codebase. What drew me to Hanami, was how in my opinion it seems to allow translate how my business requirements are organized to more or less a similar structure using module structure.

But without seeing more concrete examples, it’s a hard sell, other than giving me an idea on how to structure my codebase using modules, action classes and view classes, to a way similar to how my biz requs are structured.

I understand Hanami 2 is still in alpha, so maybe I just need to be patient and wait for more complete documentation.

I’m eager and want to adopt Hanami from what I’ve seen and been able to understand, but please don’t make me read through PRs to understand how to build an application. PRs are for developers working on Hanami, not for its users.

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Thanks for your message. We definitely agree that concrete examples will be invaluable. I plan to implement the “real world” project with Hanami 2, to show a real example of a full application. (It’s only an API so will need to figure out how to exemplify the view, HTML helpers and assets parts of Hanami.) GitHub - gothinkster/realworld: "The mother of all demo apps" — Exemplary fullstack Medium.com clone powered by React, Angular, Node, Django, and many more 🏅

I specifically linked to that PR by qualifying that it’s only for people who are interested in seeing what the differences are (I even italicized it). We are not using PR’s as documentation, and I was not “making” you or suggesting you read that PR. Like you said, there’s different documentation for different people and that’s a work-in-progress that can help some people (like @swilgosz) but certainly not everyone.

I understand your frustration of wanting more resources than are available. We’re working on it but we’re all volunteers; no one gets paid to work on Hanami. I do think you’ll be happy with Hanami 2 based on your interest thus far, so please be patient :slight_smile: It’s going to be great.


I do my best to create as many resources as possible by using my Hanami Mastery blog

Also, I do have source code for each application showcased in each episode which may be helpful.

As new episodes come those examples will be more and more advanced.

If you have any other suggestions on how else I can help for newcomers, let me know!

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My apologies I was a bit rushed in writing my response. Yes, I especially like how modules are structured. In fact I am going to see how to modify the structure of my biz requirements to more easily translate them to Hanami code. I’m also following hanami mastery. All the work and effort is wonderful, keep it up. Looking forward to learning more and seeing how Hanami evolves. Kudos.


Nice to hear that, just never hesitate to share your ideas about new ways to bring learning resources!

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For anyone Interested, I have added links to the corresponding source-code folder to each of my Hanami Mastery episodes and I’ll continue to do so for all new publications.

Those redirect to the episodes repository I’ve linked above. It’s just way easier to access those straight from the episode content. You may check the example by visitin the example episode.

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