ActiveAdmin like data visualisation (Lotus::Admin) for lotus?

Hello my good people!

ActiveAdmin like data visualisation tool for Lotus?

I’m having to implement something of sorts for my current client project and I thought I’d raise the question here.

I’ll implement it anyways, but if you see value in having something like that potentially integrated in the framework in the future, i’d be happy to discuss directions and report implementation ideas here to get your feedback?

We’re starting to use Lotus quite heavily here and this tool is sort of essential for the work we’re doing. So please let me know your thoughts



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I don’t think there is atm. Please share your work if you could.

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thanks theocodes. I think if you create something like that,it should be an external gem.

tell us your progression :wink:

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@theocodes Please do it. :+1:

That should be a third part gem for Lotus. We’re here to help, in case you need some integration point. It will be an interesting experiment. Thank you!