Deploying the App with Git

I know its a bit out there. So your app is ready for a spin on the WWW. I can easily deploy with Capistrano. But could there be a kinda std format by which we can go live in a few steps on a VPS?

What should we watch out for?
Any tips on server setup settings/admin wrinkles we can be sure to encounter?

This is just a wild question but am sure someone has experienced some setup gotchas they can share with the community.

I am intending to go live on a VPS. I’ll let y’all know how it goes. Meanwhile, how did yours go?

@theCrab Lotus is 12factor-app compliant out of the box, so it is not a hassle if you plan to deploy to Heroku. I have not yet deployed Lotus app to any VPS so I could not be much helpful here.

Maybe someone from Digital Ocean could help?

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