Application configuration in production enviroment

Hi guys.

Just wanted to ask if any of you had successfully set up Lotus App with Puma and NGINX on top. If so please let me know how nginx.conf file should look like. I tried many different configurations, but no luck. And most of the tutorials are based on Rails + Puma + Nginx :frowning:

Hi, you have solved?

Yes, the problem is solved.

May you give me same hint?

Sure, what kind of problem do you have and what environment you use (heroku, aws, your own VPS or dedic.)?

Hi, thank you for reply :smile:

We use AWS with last ubuntu LTS (14.04)

Hi, no problem :wink:

Do you already have ruby and nginx installed there?

Yes, we have installed other app (ngnix, unicorn, rails)

Ok, do you already have Lotus app on the server somewhere?

Sorry for the delay

No, I have to do the first deploy in this days

No worries :). Let me know once it is deployed :wink: