Using binding.pry with lotus server

I have not used pry before, but wanting to have a look-see around my controller I thought I would try it. However I’m not having much luck getting binding.pry to load inside lotus server. Has anyone done this yet?

I have:
a) Added ‘pry’ and ‘pry-coolline’ to my project Gemfile (I was able to get pry to give me the ‘add readline’ error.)
b) Added require ‘pry’ in my config/environment.rb file in my lotus application
c) added binding.pry to my controller.

I run bundle exec lotus server, server works as normal, and expected. Go to action where I expect to trigger pry and the server basically ‘hangs’. No response returned to browser, but not able to access pry on cli either.

Update: have also tried to run using rackup, bundle exec rackup --port 2300 and no joy :frowning:
Update2: Can use byebug via rackup and lotus server.

@thecatwasnot can you please submit an issue on lotus/lotus repo? I am going to close this topic