Seting up periodic jobs


I have a use case for background periodic jobs:

  1. Users select a desired time interval.
  2. The app runs a service (API call to a third party) at the selected interval and send email to users with a service response.

In Rails I was able to do a quick prototype with solid_queue. I saw a couple of blog posts for using sidekiq and as thinking of using sidekiq with sidekiq-scheduler.

Before going with this option, is there an alternative better suited for Hanami?

Hey @sebastjan_hribar! Using Sidekiq sounds like a fine plan here. I’ve used it with several Hanami-style apps in the past and have had a good time. I’d encourage you to give that a try, and if you end up with specific issues integrating Sidekiq, you’d be welcome to bring those back here to the forum :smile:

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Definitely recommending sidekiq too. Had to work with some other tools for scheduling etc. over the years, and nothing comes close to sidekiq IMHO, even the free tier.

Hanami integration with it is seemless.

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