Sidekiq support



I’ve been following this tutorial to configure my hanami app with sidekiq support:

Long story short: when starting a sidekiq deamon, i’m loading a config/environment.rb hanami file using -r flag (bundle exec sidekiq -r config/einvironment.rb). Unfortunatelly, this file seems to not load my workers located in lib/my_app/workers/* (Undefined method MyWorker errors thrown by sidekiq deamon) while hanami is loading them just fine as i’m able to call MyWorker.perform_async() in hanami console.

Which file should i load into sidekiq / what modifications should i implement in my code for sidekiq to see my workers?

Thanks in advance!


I just found out that loading config/boot.rb instead of config/environment.rb resolved the issue.


hey, I use this option for starting sidekiq server: