link_to view helper


A common pattern in views is to link to a route, eg:

link_to :blogs_path

Should lotus have a helper method for this? I haven’t put much though into the specifics yet but first want to check whether people like this feature.



@tomkadwill This helper is part of the plan. In a small project, I’ve extracted this helper but not yet ported to Lotus::Helpers.

    module Lotus
  module Helpers
    module LinkToHelper
      def link_to(content, url, options = {}, &blk)
        options[:href] = url
        html.a(blk || content, options)

To be used like this:

      <%= link_to('Add a new book', routes.new_books_path, class: 'new-book') %>

What do you think?


@jodosha that looks good. Perhaps you could push up to a branch?

I’m happy to help port to Lotus :slight_smile:


Please do. It should be in Lotus::Helpers. It must inject HtmlHelper if missing in the current context.

def self.included(base)
  base.class_eval do
    include Lotus::Helpers::HtmlHelper
  end unless base.included_modules.include?(Lotus::Helpers::HtmlHelper)


I am going to lock this post as this feature has been added to lotus-helpers

closed #6