Something like `form_for`?

Is there anything similar to form_for in Rails for building web forms?


There is no helper that is similar to form_for yet, however you could construct your form by using lotus/helpers.

@krisleech This is something in our roadmap. As @trung_le mentioned, HTML builders in Lotus::Helpers are the building blocks for next feature.

@krisleech I’ve just crafted a PR for this, I would love to have your feedback.
Thank you.

@krisleech Does this introspection happens at the runtime or when they generate the form?

If you want to experiment with the code, remember that while forms in Rails are model centric, here in Lotus they are params/data centric. So the right thing to introspect are params, not a single entity.

We now do have form_for, closing this topic now