Can a tag helper be used within a view part?

Hello. :wave: As of this writing, I’m using Hanami View via the main branch (SHA: bc231ce090f7ce805f88ce9cc32959f647cdf6e9) and wondering if a View Part can use helpers? Here’s a snippet:

require "htmx"

module Main
  module Views
    module Parts
      class Task < Hanami::View::Part
        include Hanami::View::Helpers::TagHelper

        def delete_button
            type: "submit",
            class: "button button-decline",
            **HTMX[target: "closest .task", delete: "/tasks/#{}"]

Notice that I include the TagHelper and then attempt to have my part build a button. There are two issues I run into when doing this. The first is the exception shown in the browser:

undefined local variable or method `_options'
../3.2.0/gems/hanami-2.0.3/lib/hanami/extensions/view/context.rb:39:in `inflector'

The second is with the associated spec:

it "answers delete button" do
  expect(part.delete_button.to_s).to eq(
    %(<button type="submit" class="button button-decline" hx-target="closest .task" ) +

…which fails with this exception:

   a +rendering+ must be provided
 # ./slices/main/views/parts/task.rb:20:in `delete_button'

Is it possible I have a View/Part misconfiguration in my application or are helpers solely regulated to Views and I’m misunderstanding Parts entirely?

Update: Resolved my issue with undefined local variable or method _options after watching HanamiMastery, Episode 46 and realizing I wasn’t fully pulling in all Hanami dependencies from the main branch. I’ve released Hanamismith 0.12.0 to reflect these changes so others have an easier time getting started. The only issue remaining is understanding why the specs fail because Hanami::View::RenderingMissingError exception shows up when testing views and parts.