Is it possible to deploy Hanami with Dokku?


Hello people !

I’m Ruby on Rails developer and been following Hanami for a while. Finally I decided to built my personal website with Hanami to give it a try.

My question is, how can I manage to deploy Hanami with Dokku ?

Any help, suggestion appreciated.


Hi @batuwil

It should be possible.
I never used Dokku, but you can read this as a good starting point:


@batuwil If you managed to do this, could you please advise us how it worked. Thanks!


Hey, I asked my friend (he used dokku long time), and he told me that dokku uses Heroku build packs. That’s why all should be good with hanami too.

P.S.: I opened the dukko website ( and found this:

Easy Git Deploys. From your command-line to the cloud.
Once it’s set up on a host, you can push Heroku-compatible applications to it via Git. They’ll build using Heroku build packs and then run in isolated containers. The end result is your own, single-host version of Heroku.