Hamani and React.js

Does anyone know of any Hamani / React tutorials or repos in the wild?

You can use this gem for integration hanami and webpack. If you want to see example of usage you can check this repo

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Here’s some more ReactJS tutorials.

I think the topic is worth refreshing.

I’d like to use React in hanami app but not to build entire front-end, just use some components in views. I’m not sure how about hanami-webpack’s gem maintenance and I think that maybe this can be achieved in better way. I’ve foud this article http://elixirator.com/blog/2017/using-hanami-with-webpack.html but unfortunatelly it requires more knowledge that I have :smiley: to fully understand.

I read some webpack tutorials but not sure how to setup this with hanami. Maybe someone will be able to help me to build step-by-step tutorial of how to setup stuff to achieve these goals:

  • still use hanami’s asset pipeline
  • load React from npm and require it in javascripts.