Hanami chat comes home

I’d like to welcome you to chat right here on the Hanami forum! I’ve enabled Discourse’s chat feature here, with a #general channel now available for all signed in users.

Hanami has had a community chat over on Gitter (now Element/Matrix) for a while, but I’ve always found it hard to use, and it was unhelpfully separated from this forum.

That changes today. With Discourse chat, we can now connect with each informally and build relationships right here in the long-term home of the Hanami community.

To keep things simple, we’ll start with a single channel. Over time, I expect our list of channels and general chat conventions to evolve as we figure things out as a community.

Please join in and I’ll look forward to saying hi! :wave:

Lastly, I’d like to remind you that chat here, as with all Hanami community spaces, runs under our code of conduct.

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One small tip: while Discourse as a web app is available in all browsers, if you’d like notifications on your phone for chat as well as topics, you can install one of Discourse’s mobile apps (iOS and Android).