Hanami Conference?

I was wondering if there were any plans for a dry-rb/rom-rb/hanami conference? I know the community is still relatively small (compared to other frameworks), but I think it would be immensely helpful to get a few virtual sessions from active users and maintainers. It would be some great exposure for the dry-rb/rom-rb libraries and provide some up-to-date information for developers (like me) that aren’t very familiar with them but are interested in using them. It would also be great to showcase some of the libraries that need community support to get to the 2.0 full release, hopefully spurring better community involvement.

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@nilclassy Yes it would be nice, but we don’t have any capacity to organize an event like this ATM.

I would like to capture from you what you expect from an event like this.

That is very understandable, I know everyone is busy balancing day jobs with ongoing work towards Hanami 2.0. I would be very interested in assisting in organizing a small event like this, and I wonder if @swilgosz might be interested as well. I think what would be most helpful is to get some sessions showing real implementations of the important components of Hanami (https://hanamirb.org/status/), or potentially the underlying dry libraries. Maybe instead of one conference day, this is organized more like an ongoing series, with one talk every x weeks breaking down one component. I think this could help drive attention to the upcoming launch, spark contribution from the community, and help provide examples for how we can all test drive aspects of the framework with our own personal projects.

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Isn’t what @swilgosz is doing? :smiley:

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@nilclassy This is awesome suggestion. I love that you came with an initiative!

I am wondering if this isn’t a bit too early though. There is a big focus in the dev team to deliver 2.0 before starting to prepare learning resources as creating them is very time consuming too. At the moment I think I am the only person focusing on the learning resources and documentation but community is too small yet for me to be able to reduce my regular development work week and focus more on content creation.

Soon we will release the 2.0 WIP guides available on the official Hanami website, so people will see the 2.0 stuff being documented incrementally as the time goes on. This should help with basic implementations problems.

Also, I just joined to the commercial project as a dev to get a high exposure on non-trivial Hanami implementations but it will yet take a few months before I will be able to do advanced showcases. However, you may be sure I will cover more fancy use cases of the whole Hanami stack in the near future.

I doubt there are many examples of Hanami 2.0 commercial projects except those maintained by the Hanami dev team. Clients are waiting fir the green light to safely do updates and I personally don’t want to spend too much time on 1.x learning resources and publications as 2.0 is behind the corner.

However, having that said, if there is an interest in the community to come with presentations and their learnings made so far, I would love to be a part of it!

I am totally into participating in such event, but if not a conference, maybe just webinars to start?

I feel that organizing the Hanami Conf after Hanami 2.0 release have more sense.

In the meantime, I would love to hear from the community any ideas for topics I could cover in HanamiMastery screencasts.

Especially you, as you do support Hanami Mastery initiative via GitHub Sponsors, if there is any particular issue you face and you need a help with, just let me know and I will do my best to help you either directly or by prioritizing a publication about it.

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@nilclassy you basically are reading my mind! This is exact reasoning why I started the Hanami Mastery in the first place! :slight_smile: .

I know it’s not too much of a content published yet, but I will gain speed as the blog grows, by collecting more revenue and time to reinvest into the content creation.

Also, keep in mind, that Hanami Mastery is an open initiative! Anyone can contribute and write articles, or even record video tutorials or showcases! It’s as simple, as creating PR :smiley:

I do have all the source code for episodes also published already.

I am just an initiator, if I will inspire a single person to start blogging about Hanami, it’s already a success!

Here are some of my upcoming plans if you are interested. Any of it can be done together, I completely don’t care about being featured as the only author.

  • official hanami guides (ongoing)
  • youtube screencasts (ongoing)
  • articles (ongoing)
  • guest articles on other blogs (ongoing)
  • other author’s publications on Hanami Mastery (ongoing)
  • commercial development engagement (ongoing)
  • ebook creation (planned)
  • premium online courses (planned)
  • real-life open source hanami application (planned)
  • … And more to come :slight_smile:

If anyone would like to contribute to Hanami Mastery in any way, you’re welcome! I could also organize podcast-like talks with guests in the not-so-distant future if there will be interest about it or anyone would like to talk with me about Hanami.

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Thanks for the update! Looking forward to hearing some about your commercial development project(s). Like you’ve talked about before, rom-rb/dry-rb make up the components of Hanami and understanding those components will be important to mastering the framework. Hopefully I will have some free time soon as I’d love to submit a pr/post with a blog breaking down one of the dry gems.

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That’d be awesome! Let’s stay in contact!