Bootstrap with Sass/compass

I’m trying to get started with a lotus application using bootstrap and sass/compass. Is there a best way to integrate this? I haven’t seen many gems etc for handling something like this. Any advice appreciated!


There has not been a whole lot of information on this, I was wondering the same thing and I found this on Github:

Doesn’t look like they are documenting this on the main site though.

Are you looking for an assets pipeline thing for lotus like in rails, if yes there’s no such thing so far. I would recommend you to use gulp or grunt. They’re pretty easy to use.

I believe that is still under development.
I started to write a framework on top of that,, but as it depends on lotus-assets it’s also under development. Right now it’s broken, but I’m planning to release a functional version based directly on tilt instead of lotus-assets in a week or two.
So if you can wait a while and you don’t need it to be super efficient right away, that may help you.
Meanwhilst I think like @vladislavpauk that gulp may help you:


Just a quick follow up on this.
There is a stable version of the assets publisher now. I haven’t released the gem version yet, but you can use it with

gem 'lotus-assets-publisher', :git => "", :branch => "v1.1.0-dev"

It let’s you compile the assets by invoking a configurable command line, so you could call compass command line from your Lotus app. The documentation is in