Where's the docs for 2.1?

Hi folks, I’m wondering where I can find the documentation for Hanami 2.1.

I was starting to hit the limits of what I can find in the guides, but when I went to read the docs at https://docs.hanamirb.org/, I found that the version selector only goes as high as 1.3.3, and I’m on 2.1.

I’ve been using gem serve to look at the ri / rdoc documentation, but I need something public on the web that I can show to folks who aren’t as command-line savvy.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Thanks for raising this with us, @beechnut! Glad you could find the docs via gem serve as a workaround, at least.

@cllns is going to be looking into why the docs aren’t going onto our public site. We’ll leave any updates here as we have them!

Thanks for raising this. It’s an important issue that I’ve noticed before but this caused me to dive back in and figure it out. There’s a number of fixes to make here: updating the source for each gem to fix the API comments, reverting to the default yard template, and adding a version switcher to that template. It’ll take a little while longer though since I’m prioritizing Hanami 2.2 work right now.

In the meantime you can use:

  • https://rubydoc.info/gems/hanami,
  • https://rubydoc.info/gems/hanami-controller

etc., just change the name of the gem at the end.