Rom-rb status and persistence layer in 2.1

It’s been told we will have a persistence layer in 2.1 (reference) but I didn’t find any news about it in 2.1 docs. Does anyone have any updates or rom-rb is just dead?

Last I heard, persistence support (i.e. ROM) is scheduled for Hanami 2.2.0. That said, you can use Hanamismith to build a Hanami 2.1.0 (release candidate) skeleton project which wires up ROM for you. Example:

gem install hanamismith
hanamismith build --name demo
cat demo/config/providers/persistence.rb

The persistence provider is what makes wiring ROM together with Hanami possible, if that helps. Otherwise, I don’t know of any other tooling, at the moment, that makes this possible.

As far as I can tell, following the persistence instructions given in the 2.0 Getting Started guide still works in 2.1, if you’d rather do that.

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FWIW I think the concerns about ROM.rb staątus might be valid. It generally didn’t see any updates in 2 years and as far as I can tell there’s only one active maintainer left. I have been hitting many rough edges especially about mapping to custom structs/entities (and I’m not the only one). Would be great to hear what other people, that might know more, think about the situation.

As part of Hanami 2.2 (by my estimations, staring a couple of months from now), I’ll become better acquainted with ROM. I expect I’ll be in a better position to help with various bug fixes and the like after that.

In the meantime, we’d of course welcome anyone else who’d like to help with bugs!