Tutorial problem (version 2.1)

Im doing this tutorial to see if hanami is for me after learning ruby Tutorial : V2.1: Getting Started | Hanami Guides

V2.1: Getting Started | Hanami Guides - Hanami Guides

V2.1: Getting Started | Hanami Guides

but as soon as I want to run the server I see this :


roelof@DESKTOP-577VVFT:~/bookshelf$ bundle exec hanami dev
  hanami console                              # Start app console (REPL)
  hanami generate [SUBCOMMAND]
  hanami install                              # Install Hanami third-party plugins
  hanami middleware                           # Print app Rack middleware stack
  hanami routes                               # Print app routes
  hanami server                               # Start Hanami app server
  hanami version                              # Print Hanami app version

What did I do wrong here .
im using hanami 2.0.3 and ruby 3.2.2

Call bundle exec hanami server

Use Hanami 2.1 instead. hanami dev was added in the latest release.

What @alassek said :point_up:

If you’re interested in trying 2.1, check out our latest 2.1.rc release announcement for installation instructions (at the bottom).