Some basic questions

I come to Hanami from a Rails developer and I see the Hanami’s architecture is perfectly matched for my next project, thanks for a great framework!

However, after getting started with Hanami, I met some issues which are important to me and they made me a bit less confident to use it as the framework for my next project.

Basically, I would like to have a system with:

  • as the landing page for the whole services
  • for service x
  • for service y
  • All of them are normal web apps, not SPA

Issues I have met:

  1. I mounted apps as below (follow the guide in the section Mounting On A Subdomain at
mount Web::Application, at: '/'
mount X::Application, host: 'x'

It leads to an error which is also described here:

  1. Ignoring the issue with subdomains, I simply mount the apps as
mount Web::Application, at: '/'
mount X::Application, at: '/x'

Although I already set the root in apps/x/routes.rb and create controller, templates, etc. I still receive 404 error when visiting

It works just fine if I mount the Web::Application to ‘/mainweb’ (instead of ‘/’). Is this a bug or the expected behavior? (so I will need to do proxy in the web server layer. Personally, I don’t prefer this)

  1. I have not found any way to reference an asset in scss file (like asset-url and asset-path in Rails asset pipeline) yet

I hope I have missed something or there are solutions for them so I can continue the interesting works with Hanami. Thank you!