Should a job board exist within this community?

Hey, folks. :wave: I was wondering if there would be interest in adding a Job Board or a Job category much like what exists within the Dry RB Forum?

The reason I ask is that I’d like to stay connected – especially as a freelance consultant who’s also looking for more work in this space – to others within this community that have job openings and/or want to find work within this space. Being able to collaborate – especially via paid work – with more people pushing the boundaries within this space is good for all of us in general. Alternatively, in case the above isn’t desired, this could possibly work too:

  • Maybe we need something like Ruby Companies but specifically for Dry RB and Hanami?
  • I suppose the Awesome list could work too but it’s a bit dated.


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@timriley @solnic Can we use this forum? We can introduce a jobs label.

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@jodosha Yep, sounds good to me!

Yeah that’s a great idea