Plans for Hanami 2.2

Hello Hanami users and contributors (past, present and future)!

Now that 2.1 is out and working smoothly, it’s time to build 2.2 :muscle:

I’d like to make this a short, sharp release, so we need to be clear on the scope. Here’s we’re planning for 2.2.

Headline features:

Small enhancements:

  • hanami generate component generator
  • Support for using full dry-validation contracts for action params

That’s it! If there’s any other nice fixes or small enhancements we could make along the way, all the better, but the theme for this release is “complete the full stack via database support,” so let’s keep focused on that.

I’ve created a Hanami 2.2 project board on GitHub, and will be populating that in the coming days. Once issues are there, I’d welcome your contributions towards this release!

If you have anything you’d like to discuss regarding the 2.2 release, please feel free to do so here!


Re: your draft issue, Update rom-factory with clearer API for creating/building records

This may end up being a lot harder than it appears. I spent some time working on this to add support for transient properties, and really hit a wall complexity-wise.

The way there is all this nested logic to mutate hashes and incrementally change behavior based on those changes is really hard to follow.

On the other hand, if you’re just planning on creating a simple facade, that’s not too bad.

As for the dry-validation contracts for action params, is this Allow `Dry::Validation::Contract` rule definitions in `Hanami::Action` by danhealy · Pull Request #434 · hanami/controller · GitHub PR gonna be merged or is any help required with seeing it done?

Hey @krzykamil! I think that PR has gone stale. If you’d like to open another one implementing the approach that we agreed upon after the discussion, I think that’d be great! Will make sure I give you prompt reviews.