Hanami::API vs Hanami 2.0

now that Hanami 2.0 is released, can someone please explain to me the biggest difference between Hanami and Hanami::API?

What is the state of Hanami::API?

I’m mainly interrested on APIs. Which project should I use - Hanami 2.0 without views and frontend or Hanami:API?


Hanami::API is like Sinatra. It’s for quick and little App/API. Maybe if you need to mount it in a context like a Rails app. (hint: it’s wayyyyyy faster than Sinatra :wink: )

Hanami is like Rails. It can support a large app/API with a full fledged CLI.



What is the state of Hanami::API?

It’s approaching to 1.0 and very very solid.
It has been my personal experimentation project to consolidate ideas that then landed to Hanami 2.0.


I’m looking forward to that 1.0 release.

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I have seen the benchmark results, but didn’t run it myself yet.
I’m working on project using Sintra, and it’s not “that” slow.

But still I would like to give Hanami:API (and the Benchmark) a try.

Hey @jodosha,
huh, interesting, so you are saying Hanami::API is coming ?

I have read in the chat, that plan was to deprecate it. Currently, I am using beta4 of router with some things on top to have my api-only app.
Would you say it’s worth waiting for hanami-api release, or build my own thing on top of hanami-router 2.0 ?
Is it shared/discussed somewhere, what is the plan for hanami-api, and what is there left to be done, so maybe I could help ?

IDK who said that, but it isn’t true.

I released v0.3.0 on Dec 25th, 2022.

I believe Hanami::API is complete.
We’re keeping it under v1.0.0, just in case.
After Hanami v2.1, I believe it’s time to promote Hanami::API to 1.0.

Cool, thanks for the info !

It was published here in Gitter hanami/chat.

Why do you compare the hanami project with sinatra?
In my view, roda is much more similar.