View layer, what to use for forms and server side HTML rendering?

I just finished working through the guide V2.0: Getting Started | Hanami Guides and I’m left wondering where is the view layer information? The guide seems to be all about JSON with no info on server side HTML rendering. I’m also failing to find anything about forms or form helpers.

I did find this when searching for “view”, but it’s 1.3 documentation that is absent from the 2.0 docs V1.3: Overview | Hanami Guides, and the commands in there do not work for me.

Are we expected to use Hanami with a separate javascript front end framework? I surely hope that’s not the case.

Sorry if I’m asking for too much too soon, I saw the version number 2.0 and it made me think Hanami 2.0 was the second iteration on an already production-ready framework.

I’d like to build something, but I’m a little worried about missing pieces. Thanks for any insight.

we decided to cut down the scope to be able to release it sooner. View and persistence will be shipped in 2023 Q1.
Piotr Solnica in a Mastodon thread

This doesn’t mean you can’t do these things, but it’s not yet batteries-included. Based on the deleted code from the template app, I anticipate that the Q1 view layer stuff will be based on dry-view

There are a couple ongoing projects to write fully-fleshed out Hanami apps that you can follow along:

DecafSucks by Tim Riley

Chirper by Ryan Bigg

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So actually, we ported dry-view to hanami-view and it’s pretty much done, but the glue code is missing + we still need hanami-assets and hanami-helpers for a full-blown view layer.

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