Prompt for select not shown, but it is listed

I have a few selects with the same problem for prompt (Hanami 1.3).

The code in the template is as follows: select :client_id, clients_for_select, options: {prompt: (I18n.t :gm_contact_new_prompt_select_client)}.

The problem is that the prompt is not displayed as the “prompt”. Rather the first value in client list is shown as selected (see image below).

The values for select are an ordinary hash.


Is any additional setting required?

Best, seba

@sebastjan_hribar Sorry for the problem.

Can you please dump here the value of your clients_for_select or double check your usage against the tests?

Hi @jodosha,

here is the clients_for_select as prepared in the action: {"Huda Firma"=>1, "ACME"=>2}.