Lotusrb + jruby 9000 + mysql

Hi guys.

First of all, thanks for developing this awesome lightweight framework. I tried to experiment with it and encounter one problem during setup. Te problem was related to jruby abandoned C extensions support which means that mysql2 gem is no longer supported, so I guess the only way to use mysql on jruby is by jdbc-mysql adapter?

JRuby 9000 support is now being worked on. As of today, lotus-model is compatible, but other component might not.

Tou can keep track of the overall work here: https://github.com/lotus/lotus/pull/307

Thanks for reply. Any plans for jdbc-mysql adapter?

jdbc-mysql already works on lotus-model and partially on lotusrb generators :slight_smile:

Did you try it? If you are getting any issue open it on Github :wink:

There were some problems when I last checked, but it is working now ;), must have been smth wrong with my code. Anyway, thanks for enlightment :slight_smile: