Idea: Hanami community organization on Github


This is an idea I have for some time already. Maybe it would be a good idea to create something like “hanami-community” organization on Github and have some community libraries transferred there? Original authors would keep ownership of their creation but additionally Hanami core team would have a possibility to maintain it if author does not want or cannot do it.

I think this will add a layer of trust for end-users - that the library won’t be abandoned in the future.

For starters, I would be more than happy to transfer hanami-shrine and omniauth-hanami if you’re interested.


hey! Thanks for your idea.

Just for ideas pool: also, we can create approved label (or something like this) and use it in readme file. In this case maintainers still will have personal projects and community will know that Hanami core team would have a possibility to maintain the library.



I think this is a good idea too. However, I spoke with someone some time ago (it might have been Nick Sutterer, but I’m not sure) that people tend to have more trust in projects put in organizations. Of course, it might be harder for authors to give up their name in the repo URL, but I guess it depends on the person. Those two solutions might be complementary.


@katafrakt That’s nice! You suggested this now because you know from third-party devs that would be interested? Do you have a wishlist of projects that you would love to see under that organization?


No, this is just an idea. I don’t know if other people would be interested.

hanami-webpack (if it’s mature enough already), hanami-rodauth, hanami-pagination, hanami-fabrication + capistrano and mina plugins maybe?


@katafrakt I think this search over RubyToolbox can give a better sense of where we are:



Coming back to old topic :wink: Yes, ruby-toolbox gives a nice overview of available gems (so does awesome-hanami). However it does not solve ownership issues.

I see a lot of topics like this on Github - someone loses interest in maintaining the repo, because he no longer uses the technology. In case the project brings a value and there is an interest in maintaining it, projects in Hanami community org could be handed over to someone else or at least minimal maintenance could be done for them.