Hanami 2.0 Timeline?


The discussions within the Hanami 2.0 Ideas thread are fantastic. Interestingly they fit quite well with some plans we have for a pretty demanding app we’re planning on building on top of Roda (and Hyperloop (reactrb/opal-react) and we’re going to be working to bring opal-native (react-native) back to life and under the Hyperloop umbrella since the author had mandatory military service and it kind of got lost by the wayside). This makes me curious about what effort has gone on so far in this direction and whether or not Hanami could become feasible in the near term or so vs rolling our own solution.

Are we seeing a timeline so far or active efforts on any branches in these directions to get us to 2.0 @jodosha?


Hello, please have a look at Roadmap for v2.0.0.alpha1