Db commands not working

Hi all and I must start with “Lotus looks really awesome”. I’m trying things out and when trying to migrate my first error came.

I get PG::ConnectionBad: FATAL: database "sandelius" does not exist all the time when I’m trying to db create or db migrate. I can easily create a database using the createdb command. I tried using the same connection string directly to sequel and it works. I googled some and found a discussion on Gitter where someone else had this exact same problem.

My postgres user is called sandelius and the connection string in env.development looks like:


I also tried APP_DATABASE_URL="postgres://sandelius:@localhost/app_dev" but with the same result.

What am I missing?

Thanks for the bug reporting

It seems to me you are running into the problem which was addressed in https://github.com/lotus/model/commit/12c9b1d38e2b1a376a85ee835cc344d1332a1db4

Please try again with Lotus HEAD.


It’s working better now after 0.4.1. Thx