Authentication and authorization recommendations



What would be the best gem to use if I need an authentication functionality such as let say Devise provide with Rails? What about an authorization library? I used to work with Pandit in Rails which will probably should work fine with Lotus as well, but I am wondering maybe there are better libs or these features are planned to be added as a part of Lotus Framework in the future?



Regarding the auth, I don’t think devise would work, but I am sure the warden (which devise gem is base upon) would work with Lotus.

Atm, I don’t do any of those gem because to me they have their own issue, such as the complex callback style of devise which is too overkilling for any app. So I tend to code up everything by myself. If you need any example, ping me.


I think it will be helpful in any case, so please share your example and recommendations. Thank you


Maybe, but I’ve failed with ‘Warden’ gem :frowning:
Actually, I think it’s better to add the ‘Auth’ section into ‘Guides’ - almost all potential users want to know how to realize ‘Auth’ functions via a new framework. Is it tricky or not?.. And if the ‘Hanami’ will show of easiness of integration with any auth gem it would increase popularity of the ‘Hanami’ significantly


Hey, do you have any examples? I’m starting out coding a website for the first time, coincidentally with Hanami and would like some help with understanding and implementing User Authentication.