Assets build gitignore in slice

Using hanami assets and 2.1 stack of hanami I noticed that my slice assets build is not ignored by default.
Git diff returns:
modified: slices/main/assets/builds/tailwind.css
when working on the code.
The default builds folder is in gitignore by default to my best knowledge. I did not modify it by default.
Now the question is, when generating a slice, with hanami assets installed, should hanami-assets automatically add an entry to the gitignore? Or in any other case?
Or do you want to make users have to take care of it themselves? It seems reasonable since not every slice in an app using hanami-assets, will have actual assets, but I thought I’d ask.

Hi @krzykamil, thanks for sharing this feedback!

Right now, nothing in our official tooling should generate files into an assets/builds/ subdirectory. The hanami assets compile and hanami assets watch commands generate assets into into /public/ only, which we already include in our default gitignore.

Is it something you’ve added yourself that generates files into builds/ subdirectories under the assets directories?

Looking back at it, it was indeed my own rake scripts that confused me, lol. I messed up the output folders, I am sorry for the trouble, but thanks for your time.

No problems at all, @krzykamil! Thanks for using Hanami — I welcome all and any feedback you might have along the way :smile: